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Credit Analysis & DIY Kit  - $54.95 Monthly

I won't lie to you. Fixing your credit is something anyone can do. However, to be as effective as possible, you must be consistent, persistent and resilient. Many people hire credit repair companies so that they do not have to take time from their busy lives to send letters and cite credit laws. They understand it is better to be fully committed to credit repair, to see real results. Credit Repair is like a game of tug of war between the credit bureaus and collection agencies. Because 80% of consumer reports contain some type of errors, sometimes the name of the game is just being able to stand your ground. Most of the time, the bureaus are not doing a thorough investigation when reporting items on your report. Calling out inconsistencies can be one of the easiest way to have items removed. Live Right Credit encourages anyone who sincerely wants to learn a skill that can impact them for life, to do so. 

This Plan Includes:  

You will receive a personalized

credit audit that will provide a

breakdown of your credit profile

and assess how healthy your

report is. The credit analysis will

serve as your credit repair roadmap.

As apart of this plan, you will receive 5 of the most effective pre-written, professional dispute letters.

Credit Analysis

Professional Letters

This phone call will give you an introduction and overview on the DIY Kit. It will also cover instructions on how to use the pre-written letters.

One-on-One Call

Credit Repair Ebook

We will provide you with a digital copy of our Credit Repair E-book! This book will provide you with the tools and information needed to stay on track with the improvement journey!

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Joseph, Previous Client

LaDaise was very patient as she helped us through the process. My Fiance and I were embarrassed to have bad credit. She made us feel at ease throughout the process and helped us get the score needed to close.

Thomas, Previous Client

The process from start to finish was easy. Live Right Credit is a professional company with people who actually care. My score is up 70+ points.

Tori, Previous Client

The team at Live Right Credit are amazing. LaDaise  encouraged me to start because she believed in the goal I had after telling her my situation.  I finished her program successfully