Everyone deserves great credit. Can't pay monthly? We understand and have you covered with our DIY Guide to resolving your late payments, collections and charged off accounts. We are literally giving the key to fixing your credit away in this book!


If you have truly been stuck on your journey of fixing your credit, stuck in your situation, stuck in your apartment or home that you don't own, STUCK in a car that you hate driving, JUST STUCK AT LIFE. This book is for you.


Within this book, CEO and FOUNDER of Live Right Credit, breaks down everything you need to know about your credit and how to bypass the challenges you may be facing. La'Daise literally coaches you to reach 700+ credit and accomplish your financing goals. 

La'Daise has helped hundred of families purchase homes, cars and overall, better their situations. Follow her on an amazing quest to save you and your credit.


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EBook: Who Wants GREAT Credit?

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