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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What does Live Right Credit Do?

We are a credit restoration, education and consulting company. We help clients resolve their personal credit problems to accomplish their goals. 

How much does it Cost?

Our No Risk Pay per Delete plan is $399 enrollment, no monthly payments for credit repair. Our traditional plan, or monthly plan is $199 Enrollment, $99 per month. Both plans include aggressive credit repair, which means we dispute all items at the same time.

That seems expensive, I don’t think I can afford it?

In all honesty, you cannot afford to have bad credit either. It will cost you more on the front end to pay off or down anything that you obtain with a high interest rate and APR. 

Is Live Right Credit Licensed?

Live Right Credit is owned and operated by a board certified credit specialist and is licensed and bonded in several states.

I do not live in Florida, can you help?

Depends on where you are located. (Cannot help anyone in GA).

How long does it take?

There is no set time for credit repair. It solely depends on your credit profile. We estimate anywhere from 3 months- 18months+.

What kind of items do you remove?

We have had success removing: Collections/Charge-offs, Evictions, Repossessions, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy, Late payments, inquiries, Student loans and Judgements/Liens.

What’s your email address?

What makes Live Right Credit different from other credit repair companies?

Live Right Credit solely focuses on helping clients purchase their first home. We also offer multiple resources, education and payment options to ensure our clients are educated throughout the process and also able to save for their new homes.

Why do you charge for your consultations?

We charge for premium consultations because it is a form of credit coaching, rather you decide to sign up or not. It is a detailed 45 minute consultation, in which we will go through your credit report to determine what may be causing a lower credit score. However, we do offer free consultations that do not include us covering your credit report.

When will I see a sign of progress? 

First signs of progress are seen within the first 90 days.

Where are you located?

We are based in Jacksonville, FL.

How Do I Get Started?

You can get started by submitting your enrollment payment to gain access to our system.

Do you do referral bonuses?

Yes, our referral bonus is $20 per person you successfully send. If you are on PPD, we will take the money off of your balance.

Are you running any specials?

As of 3/09/21: No.