Credit Card

Credit Building Suggestions

Please apply strategically.. Applying for to much credit at one time can further harm your credit score.

                     KIKOFF- KIKOFF is a FREE credit building loan. This website will loan you $12 in a virtual wallet to pay back in $1 increments over the next 12 months to build your credit. Paying this loan on-time each month will create a positive payment history and increase your credit score. Use the link to sign up for this website, CLICK HERE.

                    CREDIT BUILDER CARD- Credit Builder Card is a secure credit card offered to individuals who have less than perfect credit. The approval for this card is almost guaranteed because they understand you are using this card to improve your scores. The minimum for this card is $200, unlike most secure cards that are $300. To sign up, CLICK HERE.

                     SELF- Self Lender is an interest-bearing l loan offered help build positive payment history and a savings. When signing up, you will pay a small administrative fee and be put on a payment schedule. At the end of the loan term, the funds saved will be released back to you, minus any fees/charges. Self is a great way to save money and help your credit! Saved money can be used to pay down debt or even reward yourself with a vacation.  To sign up for self, CLICK HERE.

                My Jewelers Club- My Jewelers Club is a line of credit for jewelry items. This type of account serves as a line of credit for this website only to help build credit. Similar to a credit card, minus having a physical card. Having this type of account is perfect The activation fee for this website is $99.00. Upon activation, you will be given a line of credit of $500+.


                Credit Rent Boost- Credit Rent Boost is a rent reporting website. If you have made on time rental payments, this is the perfect way to increase your Transunion credit score. They will go as far back as 24 months of rental history. It does require your landlord’s permission and participation.  There is a fee associated with this building account. However, it adds age and great payment history to your report.